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When I eat, this is WHAT I eat...

When I eat, this is WHAT I eat…

Food is like art to me.  It’s like a puzzle with lots of different pieces and we get to decide how to throw all that together. Textures, flavors, temperature..let alone cost, personal preference and digestive sensitivities ALL come into play when I’m creating in the kitchen.  This is the part that MANY people have a hard time with.

Just like if an artist put a pencil in my hand and tells me to draw a picture of a girl or landscape or whatever...my picture would be a stick figure at first, but over time I could learn technique and the right tools to make my picture more beautiful.  The difference is that when we are creating meals, most of it will taste good if we use the right measurements. And really the techniques are fairly easy to pick up.

Below is just a list of foods I eat, and of course I have a cheat sheet for grocery shopping if you want me to send to you I will...just comment below.  

Olives-all types

Nuts-All types-minimize cashews

Dairy-All types - full fat

Vegetables-All types-no potatoes or sweet potatoes


La Croix Seltzer waters (Pamplemouse is my FAV!)

Deli meat-All types (no sugar added)

Rotisserie chicken

Bacon (no sugar added)

Pickles (no sugar added)

Blue cheese dressing-homemade or no sugar added

Ranch dressing (no sugar added)

BBQ sauce (no sugar added)

Olive oil

Avocado oil

Butter (grass fed if it fits budget)

Nut butters-sparingly

Spices and seasonings





Heavy whipping cream

Full fat plain greek yogurt-sparingly

Unsweetened coconut flakes


Chicken salad, curry chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad ALL WITH REAL MAYO

Vodka or Tequila-1-2 drinks about once a month

So think of the food listed above as your tools.  The recipes and techniques are what you will use to create beautiful and delicious art in the kitchen.

The Kellie Kitchen

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  • Lance Paul

    I’ve recently found you and all you do for the low carb keto community!! Way to go and thanks!!

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