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Learning a NEW healthy...

So much to UN-learn from decades of hearing eat less and exercise more.  You may be at your absolute depths or you may just be mildIy interested in trying out this new "Low Carb High Fat" or "Keto" diet...regardless of where you are at mentally...you landed here at The Kellie Kitchen. 


I'll show you the way to successful and sustained weight loss, more clarity of mind, clearer and tighter skin, more restful sleep, a life full of laughter and love, and so much more. 

First step is to sign up and with The Kellie Kitchen.  It's absolutely free with zero obligation to stick around.  I have a monthly newsletter with great recipes, interesting and current health science, and just lots of fun.You will learn how to clean out your pantry, stock your fridge, easy and inexpensive ways to feed yourself and your family.

I like to think of the mentality around the way we have been taught to eat for decades as a picture in my mind of a massive cruise ship going in the wrong direction.  In order to turn this ship around it takes time and consistent effort to get moving in the right direction.  "Righting the Ship" does not happen over night. 

Next step is to erase from your vocabulary "I could NEVER do that"....There are a few things I know for sure and one of them is that nothing changes if nothing changes. It's time to change our thinking about what food is healthy and how we approach taking care of ourselves....through food.

Stick around and come back often.  There is lots to learn when we are taking care of our whole self.