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The Daily Six - 30 day Strong Challenge
The Daily Six - 30 day Strong Challenge
The Daily Six - 30 day Strong Challenge

The Daily Six - 30 day Strong Challenge

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30 days of showing up and following through could make all the difference in your health!

I have put together this program/challenge for anyone that wants to commit to 6 simple tasks EVERY DAY.  The tasks are simple BUT....it's NOT easy.  This is chance to get your head right and to show up for yourself and your health.
<<No one is in charge AND no money involved>>  
This is mind over matter and getting your head on straight for health
PLUS...let's just see if you can do these things EVERY DARN day for 30 days
  • This is TOTALLY FREE & COMPLETELY self-directed
  • Complete 30 days in a row of ALL 6 items above
  • If you miss ANYTHING in a single day you start over at day 1
  • Eat from the food list AND your own eating plan designed for health
  • Eating window NO MORE than 6 hours
  • Pics of your body so you can see the progress (private just for you)
  • ZERO compromise, ZERO substitutions

You pick the foods and the quantities from the list.  You pick the exercise-it must be purposeful. Drink the fricking water already....and learn a little bit about what you're doing with your health.

Included in this download...

  1. The Daily Six 30 Day Challenge Sheet w/ basic guideline
  2. Keto/Low Carb Food List
  3. Daily Education Suggestions

We all know that lasting weight loss comes from finding a sustainable ways to implement your plan.  This is the jump start and the kick in the pants to get you started on your own.